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Dear Mrs. Kim,


I have been learning about entrepreneurship and selling my own products. I have even started my own business and am working toward a goal to earn money for a new phone! I wanted to send you a friendly letter to tell you about my products and how you might order from me. 

I am selling reusable straws that come in cool carrying case with a straw cleaner. People in the US use over 500 plastic straws per year. If we could bring our own straws when we go out, we could put so many less into our landfills and oceans. My Mom keeps ours in her purse so we have them handy.


I have three different colors to offer at $5 each or 4 for $18. I would be happy to bring them over to you. Please text or call my Mom at 310.555.3654. I accept cash, PayPal or Venmo. I would really appreciate the chance to show you the straws.

Thanks so much and have a great weekend.

Lacey Dion


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