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How to Market Your Kid Business


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Marketing is Letting People Know About Your Business

When you think of “Marketing” you might think about the marketing you see everyday like ads in a game or commercials on TV. But Marketing also includes radio, website advertising, events, brochures, videos, coupons, promotions, webinars, emails, billboards, text messaging - wooh it’s endless. 

Think of marketing this way. Marketing is like telling everyone in your neighborhood, "Hey, I've got the best stickers or cupcakes in town!"

So, how do you do it? Well, let's start with WHAT to say in your message. How do you describe your business and why people need it?

Grab a pencil and paper. Think about what makes your products special. Write down a list of all the awesome things about your business. Think about what makes your products so special. Are they the cutest sticker designs and waterproof? Are you using a healthy recipe for your cupcakes? Write down a list of all the awesome things about your business.

Now, let's turn those ideas into catchy phrases! Like, "Cupcakes that'll make your taste buds dance!" or “Decorate your water bottle to give it your personal touch.” Use exciting words that make people interested.

Once you have your cool phrases, put them on a colorful banner or a sign. This is your special message to tell everyone about your fantastic business. Make sure it's easy to read and covers: 

  • WHY they should buy these products

  • HOW they can buy from you

Next we’ll talk about "Location" - picking the perfect spot for your stand. You want lots of people to see you, right? So, find a spot where everyone can notice your awesome business! If you think of all the places people are using your type of products, then you’ll have a good place to start thinking about where to sell your products. Example, if you’re selling reusable straws then write up a list of places where people are using plastic straws. If you had a stand near the entrance to the local coffee shop you could ask people to buy your straws before they go in.

If you have other products that you want to sell to families, perhaps the soccer fields on a Saturday would be a popular place. 

Next up, we have Signs & Flyers. Imagine making colorful signs with big, bold letters that say, "Yummy Cupcakes!" or "Reusable Straws!” People passing by will see your signs and want to check out your business. 

So what is a flyer? It’s basically your ad. On a piece of paper you can design with pens or on a computer. But it’s something you create to tell people:

  • Why they need your product

  • What your product is

  • Who you are

  • And How to buy

When customers come to your stand, give them a big smile and a warm welcome. When you're having a bad day or someone just told you no, it's harder to put on a smile. But you're the face of the business and recovering from a bad day or rejection is so important.

Remember to always say "Thank You!" When customers buy from you, tell them how much you appreciate their support. It makes them feel happy, and they'll want to come back to your business because you're so friendly.

Here's a super cool part of marketing – "Social Media!" It's like telling your friends about your business on a computer or a tablet. You can take pictures of your delicious cupcakes, share them online, and let everyone know how awesome your business is.

Asking your parents to also help you spread the word through their social media has been the best tool for our other kid entrepreneurs. Ask your parents to announce your business to their friends on Facebook or Instagram and purchase from you. 

And there you have it, kid business superstar! Marketing is all about showing off your incredible business in the best way possible. Remember, use cool signs, be friendly, and don’t give up and your business will be a big hit! Thanks for joining us today. 

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