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A Day In The Life of Yourself as a Future Entrepreneur

Your kids may be thinking about being an entrepreneur when they grow up but it's also probably still intangible in what that means. We've drafted a fictional "day in the life" timeline to highlight some of the activities that this career path may include.

Your Day Running Your Own Business in 15 years: A Whirlwind of Creativity, Challenges, and Rewards

8:00 AM: The day begins with the chirp of my sunrise alarm. As a young entrepreneur, I've

learned that early mornings are my friend. They give me time to plan my day, answer urgent emails, and prepare for the exciting tasks that lie ahead. This morning, I'm buzzing with anticipation for our upcoming product photo shoot!

9:00 AM: The air crackles with creative energy as we set up the photo shoot. My team, a mix of enthusiastic young minds and seasoned professionals, work

tirelessly to capture the perfect images of our new line of handmade products. We experiment with different lighting, props, and angles, all fueled by a shared passion for our products and the desire to present them in the best possible light. Everyone voices their opinions but in the end I decide to mix up the ideas and opt for this look--->

10:00 AM: We've managed to capture the beauty and essence of our creations, and I'm already dreaming up captivating captions and marketing campaigns to share them with the world. But entrepreneurial life is rarely a straight line, and a notification pops up on my phone: "Urgent! Out of stock alert!"

10:30 AM: Problem-solving mode activated! I quickly contact our warehouse manager, assess the situation, and strategize solutions. We brainstorm ways to speed up production, determine if we have the parts and ingredients we need, and write an email to our customers experiencing delays. It's moments like these that you can't always predict and require fast action. Being an entrepreneur, hurdles will always happen. It's how you react under pressure that makes the difference.

11:00 AM: While addressing the inventory issue, I also squeeze in a customer support call. A store in Chicago received a lotion order and unfortunately the lotion became runny.

This is a big problem with the formulation (recipe) and could mean a huge change and a huge loss for my business. First, I assure the store owner that I am investigating the issue and immediately sending her another box packed in a temperature control box. I treat my customers like it's a privilege to be part of their business and provide them with over the top service in order to keep our relationship going. Second, I ask my warehouse team to check other boxes for the same issue. I need to know if this is an issue with that one shipment, all of the product made in that batch or if the entire product has a problem.

12:00 PM: Lunchtime is a quick one but also a precious opportunity to recharge and reflect. I heard from the warehouse that the customer received a box from a very old batch and we created a process (rule) to make sure that never happens again. I asked that all old product be checked and removed.

12:30 PM: Back to business! While I wait to hear from the warehouse, today is the deadline for our "Design Your Dream" contest. I eagerly dive into reviewing the entry forms, marveling at the imaginative creations submitted by teens from all over the world. Judging this contest is always a humbling experience, reminding me of the boundless potential that lies within each young individual.

2:00 PM: With the contest results finalized, I start drafting social media posts and email newsletters to announce the winners and showcase their incredible designs, hoping to inspire others to embrace their creative spirit.

3:00 PM: The afternoon is dedicated to administrative tasks. I review financial reports, manage online orders, and update our website content. Though less glamorous than the creative aspects of my job, these tasks are crucial for the smooth operation of my business.

4:00 PM: As the day winds down, I take a moment to reflect on the whirlwind of activities. From creative brainstorming to customer care, problem-solving to social responsibility, each day as an entrepreneur is a unique and rewarding experience. It's a journey of

building resilience, thinking like an entrepreneur, and overcoming obstacles, all while making a positive impact on the world.

5:00 PM: The office lights dim as I pack my bag and head home. I know that tomorrow will bring new challenges and opportunities, and I'm excited to face them head-on. The life of a young entrepreneur is demanding, but it's also incredibly fulfilling. It's a constant learning process that teaches me valuable lessons about innovation, leadership, and the importance of never giving up on my dreams.

And as I drift off to sleep, I can't help but smile, knowing that tomorrow will be another adventure in the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

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