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Back to (Virtual) School Young CEO

No matter if you're happy or bummed that school is starting up again, at least virtually, you're right to wonder how you're going to juggle everything you have going on.

Between school and your business, which one takes priority? Do you have to choose?

Yes and no. School needs to come first. All the time and effort you invest in school is going to make your skills and career stronger in the future. Learning great study, organization and communication skills are CRITICAL to being successful in your future. You may not think that's what you're learning when you have to identify capital cities on a map, but you are.

We think you can manage and grow your kid business during the school year, but it could be stressful unless you have a plan. Decide how you're going to handle situations ahead of time. Enlist your parents to help you plan ahead. If you think through some of the scenarios, you will know what to do when the time comes:

What do you do when:

  1. You have to fulfill an order when you're on a deadline for school?

  2. You can finish up a project early so you can attend a business event?

  3. You risk disappointing a client or being late on an assignment?

  4. Your parents need you to do something but you're stressed out with school and your orders?

  5. You need a break with friends but you're supposed to sell at an event?

  6. You get a business opportunity but your grades have been slipping?

  7. You feel overwhelmed?

  8. You don't have time for your business?

  9. You need to buy more product but you want to save for something else?

Learning to prioritize and juggle is a lifelong activity. I think your parents would agree that school and your sense of well-being come first. So stay mindful of how you're feeling about school, assignments, friends, clients, expenses etc. It's ok to put your business on hold if it becomes too much. We know you're driven, and you probably want to race forward toward your business goals, but you may need to slow down to get ahead.

Happy Selling and Happy School!

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