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Celebrating Our 1,000th Kid Business Start-Up Kit Milestone!

We've Hit a Major Goal!

We are thrilled to announce we've reached a major goal- we have delivered our 1,000th Kid Business Start-Up Kit! It means so much to us to know we have helped 1000 kids start their entrepreneurial journey. We're halfway between a happy dance and happy crying! This past year we have been shipping our products to classrooms where teachers are walking kidpreneurs through our Getting Started Guide and teaching them all about business. These teachers are amazing and care so much about teaching entrepreneurship.

To celebrate 1,000 kits we're having a major sale on Amazon with 40% off!

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

At Young CEO Squad, our mission has always been to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in children. Our Kids Business Start-Up Kits teach important business concepts designed for younger kids, aged 8-12. These kits provide a hands-on STEM activity focused on entrepreneurship, offering a guide, worksheets, and products to sell. This hands-on approach ensures that kids are not only learning but are also actively engaged in a real-world business experience.

Why Our Kits Matter

Our Kid Business Start-Up Kits are more than just a fun activity. They help kids have a successful first experience in business. By setting goals, pricing products, and learning customer service basics, these young entrepreneurs gain valuable skills. Kids in business can immediately start making money, reinvest their profits, and learn the importance of ROI (return on investment).

Celebrating With a Special Offer

To mark this incredible milestone, we're offering a major sale on Amazon. Right now, you can get 40% off our Kid Business Start-Up Kits. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to introduce their children to the world of business and entrepreneurship. Use this link to Amazon today to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

The Journey Ahead

We believe that kids are capable of more than society often expects. By helping them start their own kid business, we show them how to channel their energy and imagination into something productive. Our kits make it easy for kids to understand and execute basic business principles, ensuring they have a positive and profitable experience.

Join Us in This Mission

Not all budding entrepreneurs have the financial means or family support to get started. That's why Young CEO Squad is committed to providing free products and working toward creating college scholarships for low-income families. By purchasing our kits, you are not only helping your child but also contributing to a larger mission of spreading kindness and opportunity.

If you would like to donate a kit to a deserving child, we know just where to send it. Please purchase this donation on our website here:

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