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Dan's Overcoming The Sell From Home Challenge!

We just got the most amazing story from a Squaddie in New Jersey! He started his Young CEO Squad business business on April 20th and sold out immediately- even during shelter in place.

So how is he growing his kid business from home? His Mom, Erin, posted about his business on Facebook (see below) and the orders started coming in. Dan and his Mom do a mix of mailing the straws, delivery to local homes (six feet apart) and porch pick up. Just three days after receiving his second order of 60 straws, Daniel sold out again! We're so proud and honored to be a part of Dan's entrepreneurial start! Do you have a story you want to share with us and the world? Send us an email! From his Mom: "I cannot say enough good things about my 12 year old son Daniel’s experience with Young CEO Squad. He’s now known as “Dan the Straw Man”. Daniel received his Young CEO Squad Kids Business Start-Up Kit, as well as an additional (20) straws, and started this, his very first business, on April 20th. Within hours, after one post on my Facebook page, he was completely sold out. Today, just 12 days after his first day as a “businessman”, Daniel has sold a whopping 88 straws and his orders are still flowing in. Not only is he earning his own money, he’s learning valuable real-life skills, gaining confidence, feeling successful and, most importantly, having fun! I highly recommend Young CEO Squad...and so does “Dan the Straw Man”!"

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