22 Fruit-Shaped Silky Smooth Fine Tip Black Gel Ink Pens For Resale

22 Fruit-Shaped Silky Smooth Fine Tip Black Gel Ink Pens For Resale

$18.99 Regular Price
$17.85Sale Price

Are you ready to expand your product line with a new item? Each order comes with 22 assorted pens in 4 adorable designs including: watermelon, orange, kiwi and dragonfruit. You and your customers will love to write with the comfortable, glide-over-your-paper feel of these smooth writing pens. A fun and functional conversation piece! The ink is black and unscented. 


So, how can these pens help your kid business? Here are the numbers below. 


Let's figure out how much each pen costs. The pack is $18.99 plus shipping of $7.65. In some states there is also sales tax. So you should add that amount in to get your 'fully loaded cost'. Let's say you live in Florida (lucky you!) where there is no sales tax. Your cost is $18.99+7.65=$26.64. Let's divide that by 22 (number of pens) and each pen is costing you $1.21 cents. 


Next you want to decide how much to charge for these pens. We have provided 3 options below, and show you how much you can make at each sale price. It will be up to you to decide how much your customers may be willing to pay for each pen. You may also consider selling them in a bundle. 


  Low Resale Mid Resale High Resale
Sale Price Each $1.75 $2.00 $3.00
Profit per pen $0.54 $.79 $1.79
% Profit 50% 72% 157%
Gross Sales $38.50 $44.00 $66.00
Total Profit $11.88 $17.38 $39.38


As you can see above, if you sell all 22 pens you can get your money back plus a profit between $11.88 and $39.38! And you can keep this going by reordering this same kit. Feel free to use the photos and any descriptions here in your own marketing.


Tell us what you think! We hope to bring you more new and well-priced items to help you grow your business!

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