Business Start-Up Kit Refill Reusable Straws (20 sets)

Business Start-Up Kit Refill Reusable Straws (20 sets)

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If your young entrepreneur breezed through their Young CEO Squad Business Start-Up Kit and is ready to grow their business even more, then this refill kit will keep them headed in the right direction and allow them to make even more profit. 


This kit contains:

  • 20 reusable straw capsules each with 1 straw and 1 cleaner. Colors will vary.
  • 1 Return on Investment (ROI) worksheet to help them track their expenses and sales


If your child sells all 20 capsules for between $3 and $5, then they could earn between $60 and $100 in gross revenue. We recommend asking the managers at your favorite coffee store or restaurant if your child can sell outside their store and then choose a day and time when it has the most traffic. Your child should refer back to the guide that came in their original kit or download it from our website.


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