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Keychain Start-Up Kits

You can resell these keychains with charms your customer picks for $5 to $8 each! You can also sell any charms you have left over for people to add to their shoes!


Included in each order:

  • 8 mixed silicone keychains & clips
  • 40 mixed charms to personalize a keychain
  • Resealable carrying bag
  • Getting Started booklet
  • Keychain pricing guide


If you choose the "Kit (16/80)" your order will be even better with twice as many keychains and charms (16 keychains and 80 charms) to sell.


Add-on a Keychain refill kit for even more product to sell!


Keychain and charm designs will vary giving your customer the ultimate personalization options.


If you sell all 8 keychains (with 4 charms each) for $8, you will make $64. You will then have 8 charms left over to sell at $2 each. You can make about $80. Remember to minus the cost of this kit from your earnings to understand your real profit! See the ROI worksheet for that info!


Our Program Helps Kids:


  • Start their own kid business
  • Set goals
  • Earn money right away, no lemons to squeeze
  • Price products and calculate ROI (return on investment)
  • Learn the basics of customer service
  • Sell and market their business
  • Think like an entrepreneur (overcoming hurdles)

Kid Business Start-Up Kit: Keychains

$28.00 Regular Price
$26.99Sale Price
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