Fundraising 5 Pack + 5 Bags + Free Ship

Fundraising 5 Pack + 5 Bags + Free Ship

$170.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price

Are you looking to change your fundraising efforts this year? How would you like to teach kids about entrepreneurship with Young CEO Squad and make money for your troop, group, team or organization? This is a 5-pack of our Business Start-Up Kit priced at a discount to help you more than double your investment. All 5-packs come with 5 of our Young CEO Squad drawstring bags (shipped separately). 


Fundraising 5-Pack 58% PROFIT

Product Cost $125
Shipping (2-3 wk delivery only*) free
Total Product Cost $125
# Straw Sets 60
Gross Revenue (sell @ $5ea) $300
Net Revenue (Profits) $175

*This discount and free shipping has a delivery window of 2-3 weeks. If you need the product sooner please shop from our other store items or contact us.


This Young CEO Squad Business Start-Up Kit is just the beginning for your child interested in business. If your child is interested in making money, this hands-on activity kit was developed to give kids a profitable, quick, hands-on experience in business. The activity can be completed in one morning outside your favorite coffee shop. On our website your child can also learn how to reach out to family and friends to take virtual orders for porch drop off or shipping. Kids become confident talking to adults and are so proud that they can earn their own money.


This box includes 12 silicone straw sets. We recommend the kids keep 1 and sell 11. Squaddies (members of Young CEO Squad) have sold each straw set for between $3 and $5. We estimate each set can gross $33-55, and net between $8 and $55. (We provide an ROI worksheet to help them figure this out.)


This Kit Helps Kids:

  • Have a successful first experience in business
  • Set goals
  • Earn money right away, no lemons to squeeze
  • Price products and calculate ROI (return on investment)
  • Understand the product's benefits and answer questions about them
  • Learn the basics of customer service


We recommend this kit for kids age 8-12 because it accommodates shorter attention spans and early reading levels. But – as you know, kids like money. So even 13-16 year olds want to get their hands on this kit.


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