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Hosting a Fundraiser

Teach kids about entrepreneurship and make money for your troop, group, team or organization. With Young CEO Squad your organization makes money AND the student makes money by selling the products in each kit.

3 Impressive Goals: You Raise Money,

Kids Learn About Entrepreneurship

+ Kids Make Money.

Our program helps kids:

  • Start their own kid business

  • Set goals

  • Earn money right away, no lemons to squeeze

  • Price products and calculate ROI (return on investment)

  • Learn the basics of customer service

  • Sell and market their business

  • Think like an entrepreneur (overcoming hurdles)

How Much Can We Raise?

We've developed our fundraising programs to be competitive with other goods-selling programs out there. There's one exception- the student can also make money! As the organization you can earn 29 - 38% with Free To Start Campaigns and even more with Pre-Order Then Sell campaigns.

See the charts below for specific costs and earnings. In all cases, the kit plus refill option is the best earner.

What Can The Student Earn? 

Depending on the Kid Business Kit they select, kids are given a guide on pricing their products and keeping them safe and clean. If they sell all of the products in the kit they can earn the cost of the kit back and up to 225% of their kit cost. See estimates in the below sections. We offer additional refill kits with just the core products to keep the kids business growing.

How Does It Work?

We have 2 options:

1. Free to Get Started (Online Multiple Orders)

When your group signs up for a fundraiser, we'll create an online ordering system for your participants. You can choose which products to offer. We will provide you with a direct link to share with your group via text, email, social media, flyers etc. Your participants will create a login and password and have access to order our fundraiser products.* 

2. Pre-Order Then Sell

If you're ordering for the whole group, you can just place your order with an extra 10% discount for case orders. 1 case (10 kits) minimum. This is the best earning option.

How Does Shipping Work?

Free To Get Started Campaigns: To save on shipping we will send out all orders together to the assigned location when the coordinator confirms that the ordering is done.


For Pre-Order and Sell campaigns, we will ship by the case (10 items) before the fundraiser is scheduled. You can distribute all of the items in person.


For both fundraiser options: Refill orders placed while the fundraiser is running will be shipped asap when ordered. Refill orders may require shipping fees.

How Do We Get Paid?

At the end of your fundraiser we will generate a sales report for your group's activity, add up your proceeds and write you a check. The check must be written to the organization name that is registered. Checks will be sent via USPS mail. 

For 501 C 3 organzations, we ask for a donation receipt for the amount of this check.

* To qualify for fundraising pricing, a minimum of 10 units is required. 501C3 organizations to provide a donation receipt for the value of the check written to the organization.

Delivering Package

Kid Business Start Up Kits: Keychains

Kids can sell the keychains with 4 shoe charms, the shoe charms alone or the keychains alone. But we think kids and adults will love picking out their charms and creating a custom keychain.

Kit Type                   Cost       Org Earns          Kids Gross

Keychain Kit           $28              $8 / 29%       $64 / 228%

Keychain + Refill  $49              $13 / 31%      $128/ 255%

Each Keychain Start Up Kit Contains:

  • 8 mixed silicone keychains & clips

  • 40 mixed charms

  • Resealable carrying bag

  • Getting Started booklet

  • Keychain pricing guide

Each Keychain Refill Kit Contains:

  • 8 mixed silicone keychains & clips

  • 40 mixed charms

  • ROI worksheet

* Best Value / Best Earner

Kid Business Start Up Kit: Stickers

Kit Type                   Cost       Org Earns                Kids Gross

Sticker Kit                 $21          $7 / 34%                $40 /192%

Sticker Kit + Refill  $34          $13 / 38%              $80/ 234%

People love to decorate their computers, water bottles, folders and many other things with these durable, water-proof, high quality vinyl stickers.

Each Sticker Start Up Kit Contains:

  • 50 mixed vinyl stickers

  • 10 customer envelopes

  • Resealable carrying bag

  • Getting Started booklet

  • Sticker pricing guide

Each Sticker Refill Kit Contains:

  • 50 mixed vinyl stickers

  • 10 customer envelopes

  • ROI worksheet

* Best Value / Best Earner

Kid Business Start Up Kit: Pens

Everyone needs pens but these micro-fine gel pens come in 4 adorable designs including: watermelon, orange, kiwi and dragon fruit. People love to using the comfortable, glide-over-your-paper feel of these smooth writing pens

Kit Type                   Cost       Org Earns            Kids Gross

Pen Kit                      $31           $9 / 29%           $53 / 173%

Pen Kit + Refill*         $55          $17 / 31%          $106/ 193%

Each Pen Start Up Kit Contains:

  • 16 mixed gel pens, black ink

  • Resealable carrying bag

  • Getting Started booklet

  • Pen pricing guide

Each Pen Refill Kit Contains:

  • 16 mixed gel pens, black ink

  • ROI worksheet

* Best Value / Best Earner


Emme, New York

"Just wanted to say our family has quickly become big fans of @YoungCEOSquad . Our 9 year-old daughter Emerson, received a Reusable Straw Kit & Sticker Kit from "Santa" this year. This past weekend she got to work reading through the book and planning her reusable straw business. While she has sold to friends and neighbors, she also wanted to create a website to take & ship orders to people across the country. In a matter of a couple hours and with minimal help from Dad (me) she spun up her own website. It has been incredible to see her jump into learning and loving entrepreneurship. One night after she went to sleep she received multiple orders via her website. When she woke the next morning and logged into her account to find the new orders, a lightbulb went an entrepreneur she can make money while sleeping! 🙏

Thank you very much for creating such a fun and educational guide for children! It's nice to finally find a tool that teaches children entrepreneurship in a way that is exciting and rewarding like you have." 

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