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Our Kids Business Start-Up Kits teach important business concepts presented simply for younger kids (8-12). It's a great STEM activity focused on entrepreneurship. The kits contains a guide, worksheets and products to sell.

Young CEO Squad Helps Kids:

  • Have a successful first experience in business

  • Set goals

  • Earn money right away, no lemons to squeeze

  • Price products and calculate ROI (return on investment)

  • Understand the product's benefits and answer questions about them

  • Learn the basics of customer service

10 year old girl holding her kids business start up kit from Young CEO Squad
11 year old kid entrepreneur selling reusable straws from Young CEO Squad

Discover What’s So Amazing

Have a successful first experience in business

When children are actively, physically and intellectually engaged in learning, they are invested and are more motivated to learn.


This hands-on STEM activity gives kids a profitable, quick, and fun experience starting their own kid business. We teach them about pricing products, tracking sales and figuring out if they made a profit. The activity can be completed in one morning outside your favorite coffee shop.

Home: Welcome

We'll Guide Them

12 year old girl from Orlando holding the guide from the kids business start up kit from Young CEO Squad

On Their Own or With Parent Help

Parents want their kids to find hobbies aside from video games but they don't have the time to lead their child through a big project. Young CEO Squad kits will excite the kids and their parents and hopefully spur a love for entrepreneurship.

Our Getting Started guide is written in plain speak appropriate for ages 8-12. Motivated kids can finish reading the guide in one hour and start making money immediately. 

Watch Them Flourish

9 year old Shana is such a girl boss and her t-shirt confirms it

Earn Money Right Away, No Lemons To Squeeze

By selling most of the products included in their kit, kids can make back the cost of the kit plus earn a great profit. Teach them to reinvest that profit into more supplies for their business and the success will grow! And your kitchen doesn't even get sticky!

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Learn Along the Way

Parents and kids can get great tips and insights from our social media channels and blog. Share our posts and ideas with your kids and keep them focused and excited in their kid business journey.

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The Journey Begins

Our kids are capable of a lot more than they achieve in their expected roles at school. When they want something different, like starting a kid business, it's hard to dedicate the time or know where to point them. Young CEO Squad is here to show kids the way forward in business at their current age, with their current workloads and how to invest all that energy and imagination into their own kid business.


Our unique Business Start-Up Kits are built at a price point that allows kids to make money while learning skills needed in business (and life) and have fun doing it. This STEM activity can be completed in one afternoon with just the supplies included in the package. 


But not all budding entrepreneurs have the financial means or family support to get them started. Young CEO Squad is on a mission to provide opportunities to kids who have the drive to be entrepreneurs but not the means. We're starting with providing free products now and working toward our goal of creating college scholarships to low income families as we grow.


JOIN US in donating to a kid with a dream. You can sponsor a Young CEO Start-Up Kit for an underprivileged kid. We'll add it to our donations to help spread the kindness.

Let's bring out that young entrepreneur inside our kids. Let's encourage them to find solutions to everyday problems by creating products or services that can benefit our communities. Let's see what they are capable of!

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