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Keychain Start-Up Kit Refill

You can resell these keychains with charms your customer chooses for $5 to $8 each! You can also sell any charms you have left over for people to add to their shoes!


Included in each order:

24 silicone keychains & clips in assorted colors

120 mixed charms

Keychain pricing guide

ROI Worksheet


Keychain and charm designs will vary giving your customer the ultimate personalization options.


If you sell all 8 keychains (with 4 charms each) for $8, you will make $64.


Our Program Helps Kids:


Start their own kid business

Set goals

Earn money right away, no lemons to squeeze

Price products and calculate ROI (return on investment)

Learn the basics of customer service

Sell and market their business

Think like an entrepreneur (overcoming hurdles)

Keychain & Charm Refill Kit

$82.00 Regular Price
$71.90Sale Price
  • Your organization has selected to have all orders shipped to the coordinator for in-person distribution. This helps divert some shipping funds to your fundraising goal!

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