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Kids Business Start Up

Raising an Entrepreneur Check List

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Kids Business Start Up

Download the Raising Entrepreneurs Check List


Help your child UNLEASH
their interest in entrepreneurship
& give them a great first
experience in business

Young CEO Squad creates business-in-a-box products for kids age 7-12. Each kit includes a getting started guide & worksheets to help them price their items, think through a business plan and make money immediately. They can start a business or have a one-time fun STEM activity.

Getting your child into entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be hard or take up a lot of your time. And it definitely doesn’t need to involve a messy kitchen full of lemonade and cookies and an afternoon in the sun. 

Why Entrepreneurship?

Kids Business Start Up
  • Boost Your Child's Confidence! 🌟

  • Build Resilience 💪

  • Become Problem Solvers

  • Improve Public Speaking Skills

  • Prepare Them for the Challenges of Tomorrow

  • Foster Financial Literacy

  • Nurture Leadership Qualities

  • Unlock Their Potential

  • Ignite the Spark of Innovation! 🔥

  • Encourage Kids to Think Big, Dream Bigger

Kids Business Start Up

Are you ready to see your child get excited?

Gain the confidence of achieving something that might feel kinda scary?

Are you ready to see your child make their own money?

Explain their products to adults?

Use a pricing worksheet to figure out what to charge?

Work hard for their money?

Take care of their products to keep them safe and clean?

Understand that expenses and lost products impact their profits?

Kids Business Start Up

We're Here To Help

We're here to guide your child with age-appropriate (7-12 year olds) practical business tips, ideas, and strategies to help them succeed and have fun!

Kids Business Start Up

Getting Started Guide

Our guide starts out with Goal Setting and then walks kids through a simple business plan to understand their customer, how to find them and ways to market to them. We also talk about pricing, customer service, selling, shipping and profits. 

Kids Business Start Up

Social Media

We post daily on Instagram and Facebook with tips and advice that you can use to help your budding entrepreneur. They are great conversation starters or simply a nugget you can forward to them.

Kids Business Start Up

Our Blog and Email

Our blog and emails are a great resource that we send out twice a month. We cover topics such as How to Raise an Entrepreneur and Can You Turn Your Child Into a Go-Getter?

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