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Are All Questions Good Questions?

Updated: May 24, 2023

Children are naturally curious beings, constantly exploring and seeking answers to their never-ending questions. Their innate curiosity is what drives them to learn and discover new things about the world around them. But somewhere along the way they develop self-confidence issues and they start to second guess their questions and how they will be received. As parents and caregivers, it's important to encourage and nurture their natural curiosity to help them grow and develop.

Encouraging Curiosity

parenting raising kids to be curious

Entrepreneurs are constantly wondering how to make something better, how to succeed where other businesses have failed, how to find a solution to a hard problem. So are we born to be curious? Can we raise our children to be curious?

Encouraging curiosity in children can be as simple as providing them with opportunities to explore and discover. Take them on walks in nature, visit museums and libraries, or encourage them to try new hobbies or activities. When they ask questions, take the time to listen and answer thoughtfully. Avoid simply giving them the answers and instead, help them find the information themselves.

Some kids never stop asking questions. Those kids are really turned on and are often already familiar and experienced with the subject they are asking questions about. They may be trying to find out more or they may be looking for recognition. In both cases, hooray! That's a curious child!

For most kids, asking questions is scary. They think about how their question will sound to others and fear being criticized for not knowing that information. Who doesn't! But thinking about the negative outcomes holds them back, keep kids from finding out new information and most importantly, disrupts the healthy pattern of information seeking.

That's why we need to espouse the motto, "All questions are good questions." No this isn't an 'every kid gets a trophy' method. As parents we should reward that they asked a question and acknowledge that as an act of taking risks and testing their wings.

When it comes to curiosity, asking questions and even asking for something we want, instead of fearing a bad response, can teach our kids to think about the best outcomes. We would be raising optimists who see possibilities and opportunities. If you can try just one of these actions below, you're providing rocket fuel to their ego and opportunities:

  • Practice positive thinking yourself: Children learn from their parents, so it's important to model positive thinking and attitudes.

  • Encourage problem-solving skills: Teach your children how to identify problems and come up with solutions. This helps them feel empowered and capable of overcoming challenges.

  • Create a safe and supportive environment where children feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes.

  • Focus on strengths: Help your children identify their strengths and encourage them to use those strengths to tackle challenges. Avoid criticizing or discouraging their questions, even if they may seem silly or obvious.

  • Encourage risk-taking. Help your kids see trying new things as a way to grow. Encourage them to take risks and picture the positive results, not the negative. Foster a growth mindset: Teach your children that their abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication. This helps them see challenges as opportunities for growth.

  • Celebrate successes: Celebrate your children's successes, no matter how small. This helps build confidence and reinforces a positive outlook on life.

When we teach children to be curious we open their world up to incredible possibilities that grow their imagination and knowledge. By focusing on positive thinking, problem-solving, strengths, growth mindset, and celebrating successes, parents can help raise optimistic children who are well-equipped to handle life's challenges.

About the author, Suzanne Appel

Young CEO Squad Founder, Suzanne Appel

Suzanne Appel, an experienced marketing executive with a 25-year background in creating and running digital marketing programs for large companies, embarked on a new journey driven by her passion. She founded Young CEO Squad, an educational platform and product line dedicated to inspiring young kids to venture into entrepreneurship. Witnessing her own children's entrepreneurial prowess, Appel was motivated to simplify and popularize the process of starting a business for kids. Read more

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