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Kids in Business: Creating a Sales Email For Selling

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Hello Young Entrepreneurs!

We've all been making changes to how we are going to school and there have been big changes to our businesses. We have all had to stop and think about our health and families.

Did you know there are still ways to keep your business going from home? If you're looking to sell your products from home, email is really helpful. Below is a sample email you can use, with a few changes, to help tell people about your products.

Copy and paste the words into your own email program. Edit the parts that describe your products, add your own email addresses, add your own photo and send. Ask for help getting it set up and then you'll know how to do it again.

To: Auntie Julie

From: Susie Monroe

Subject: Susie's Cakes & More Now Shipping!

Dear Auntie Julie,

Hi there! I hope you're doing well. I have been baking a lot to keep my business growing. I am now able to ship my baked goods. We have 2 new flavors of muffin: honey oat and carrot. See photo below. I know you love the lemon poppy and we still have that and the blueberry. A pack of 4 muffins costs $15 plus $5 shipping.

Would you like to place an order? Reply to this email.

Much love,


Blueberry and Carrot Muffins

Grab this email content and more:

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