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Kids in Business: Creating a Customer List

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Keeping track of your customers and the people who could be customers is important.

You probably have had to change how you keep your kid business running now that we're all "working from home." Corona Virus has changed every business! So we need to find other ways to market and sell our product. After all, we're entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs see a problem and figure out a way around it.

Kid businesses can learn from eCommerce companies on how to connect with customers from far away.

It all starts with creating a list of everyone who has ordered from you before and people you think might order from you now. You don't have to track very much, but it's helpful to write down on paper or in a notes app, who you should call or email when you have new product.

Download this printable file

YCS Customer List Sample
Download PDF • 15KB

or copy this sample customer list:

Remember to include family, friends, neighbors, people from sports, and religious groups. Ask your parents, "Who do you think would want to buy my products? Can I have their email address?"

Look for our blog article about sending a letter, email, text message and the phone call script to help you get started growing your business from home.

Keep up the great work Squaddies!


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