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Math IRL: Susie can stop counting apples.

Do you remember wondering why you had to learn algebra? I do. I thought, "When am I ever going to need this in real life." And then I found myself in a career in digital marketing using Excel to create formulas to help me answer questions about how my marketing was performing. Honestly, now I wish I had paid more attention to my algebra tutor. (Hi Stephanie!)

In elementary school the workbooks relate math to kids counting stuff, like apples. And sure, everyone can relate to apples. Generation after generation, Susie has been counting those apples. But since Young CEO squad was founded in the last few years, we teach a multiplication lesson a bit differently!

Last week we did a zoom lesson for this 3rd grade class above from Placentia, CA. We loved all the excited faces when they got to pretend to have their own business during the lesson. Here are some examples of how we brought the math lesson to life and hopefully sparked the entrepreneurship spirit.

These are topics that we bring up in the Young CEO Squad Kids Business Start-Up Kit. If you haven't seen our product line, please check it out. Young CEO Squad is available to zoom into your class too! Let us know how we can help!

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