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Temporary Packaging - Lesson Learned

Updated: May 15, 2023

We're in the middle of a big re-packaging effort to help us achieve a few important goals. These goals include creating a box design that can fit current and future product lines. We wanted to have a visual and material consistency between our products to create a stronger brand presence.

Temporary Packaging Before New Boxes Launch

In doing this we also decided to improve our eco-footprint, removing the PVC window, reducing the amount of paper/ cardboard, reducing shipping weight and requiring a minimum of 30% (hopefully more) recycled material be used in our boxes.

Lastly, we wanted a design that felt more alive and filled with kids. Our new design will pop with bold patterns and straight-forward copy and has a more modern sensibility. These new boxes will go into production in the next couple weeks and should hit our inventory still in summer.

BUT... in the meantime, we have produced temporary packaging that can be found on our website. As entrepreneurs we wanted to redesign the box but we could see that there was low inventory. We risked the chance of running out and having to disappoint customers. The entrepreneurial lesson we learned was that we decided too late to redesign the packaging, but we felt it was best for the company and community in the long term. To fix the gap between when inventory hit zero and when the new boxes arrive, we developed the pictured temporary box. We hope this doesn't turn anyone away.

One awesome thing that the temporary box has? Our new Getting Started Guide is finished and will ship with the temporary packaging! The latest guide includes new sections on selling from home, shipping products and more information on ROI (return on investment)! We also added in a free shipping mailer for Squaddies to try out.

We'd love to hear your Young CEO Squad story! Please email us or comment below!

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