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How Can Parents Support Their Teens in Balancing a Kid Business and Student Life?

Support your teen in balancing a kid business and student life.

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Growing a side business is an exciting venture, especially for kidpreneurs. It demands dedication, which can be hard for pre-teens and teens. But the investment of energy, grit and creativity can reap big rewards.

It’s hard enough for adult entrepreneurs to maintain work-life balance. Imagine what a well-meaning kid entrepreneur must manage! Young CEO Squad sees it all! We have seen firsthand how a full school schedule, a kid business, family obligations, and extra-curricular activities can be too much for any kid to handle alone.

We’re here to support budding business minds and their parents by providing practical tips to help kids start a business without compromising health and happiness. Here’s our roadmap to navigate the kidpreneur journey without compromising school, friends and well-being.

Setting Achievable Goals

Charting a course with clear, attainable objectives is fundamental. Having lofty goals is daunting. But breaking these goals up into bite-sized, smaller goals, reduces the pressure while still moving forward. Kidpreneurs should formalize their business goals and create actionable plans on a calendar. Then they can create a timetable that syncs with academic commitments and personal life. Establishing measurable milestones fosters focus and reduces the risk of feeling swamped. This strategic planning is such an important lesson for entrepreneurs of any age and helps to sustain the enthusiasm and dedication.

Sleep for Success

Sleep is vital for kids- for their physical health, cognitive development, and emotional well-being. Adequate rest supports growth, boosts immune function, and enhances concentration and memory, all essential for learning and academic success. A consistent sleep schedule helps regulate their body's internal clock, promoting better sleep quality and overall health. To improve sleep hygiene, be sure your kids end computer time well before bed as the blue light emitted can disrupt their natural sleep-wake cycle. Encouraging activities like reading or relaxation techniques before bedtime can facilitate a smoother transition into sleep and promote better overall sleep habits.

Focused Work Sessions

The value of uninterrupted work periods cannot be overstated. Just like with studying for a test, if your kid business owner designates a specific time solely for business-related activities it can sharpen their focus making them more effective. This concentrated effort often leads to quicker accomplishments and a sense of fulfillment that fuels further entrepreneurial aspirations.

Listing Priorities

Mastering the art of prioritization is crucial. Identifying critical tasks and organizing them by importance ensures that effort is directed toward activities with the highest impact. It takes a lot of discipline not to jump into the next email that comes into your inbox or to work on the projects you love the most. For kids with developing attention spans, we can support our kids by telling them to complete one thing each day. If they schedule a specific time of day to work on their business, then at the beginning of this time they could set one intention. When they name that one project, it’s like they are making a commitment to themselves on what they will achieve in that time. This disciplined approach prevents overload and stress and enhances clarity, steering the kid business owner toward their goals with focus.

Time Management Mastery

Effective time management is the cornerstone of entrepreneurial success. It empowers kidpreneurs to judiciously allocate their time across various commitments, ensuring that neither business nor personal endeavors are neglected. Learning to structure the day with intentionality enables them to achieve more in less time while making time for friends, family and rest.

Embracing “Me-Time”

Acknowledging the importance of personal time is essential for holistic well-being. Dedicating periods for hobbies, physical activities, or simple relaxation is vital. This practice not only combats burnout but also enriches the entrepreneurial journey with joy and satisfaction. We want their kid business to be fulfilling and enjoyable, but too much focus can cause them to resent or even begrudge the work. In the grand scheme, striking a balance between work and play cultivates a resilient and happy entrepreneur.

Leveraging Community Support

Building a supportive network is invaluable. Yes, Parents, that’s you! But networking with peers who are also navigating the entrepreneurial path can provide a sense of community, encouragement, and shared learning. Whether through school-sponsored clubs, online forums or local meetups, connecting with like-minded kidpreneurs and mentors offers emotional support and collective wisdom to overcome challenges.

The venture of nurturing a side business as a kidpreneur is so enriching and full of potential. By embracing practical steps such as setting realistic goals, making smart self-care choices, optimizing time, and fostering community connections, kidpreneurs can thrive. Remember, success in entrepreneurship is not just measured by financial gains but also by the richness of the experience and the health and happiness of the entrepreneur. Helping your child navigate building a kid business with these strategies is full of lessons they will use for a lifetime.

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Suzanne Hornwood Appel, Founder, Young CEO Squad

Suzanne Hornwood Appel is an experienced marketing executive with a significant background in developing and managing digital marketing programs for prominent companies. Appel is the Founder of Young CEO Squad, an educational platform and product line specifically designed to inspire and motivate young children to explore the world of entrepreneurship. 

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