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Trending! Big Purple Marble's Gift List

We're proud to announce we made it into Big Purple Marble's Holiday Gift List! They have some cool items on there including a golf putting pool table and a huge physics experiment set.

Here's the part about Young CEO Squad...

// Having Trouble Finding a Fun Holiday Gift?

Young CEO Squad: Kids Business Start-Up Kit

When I was five years old, I made my first sales: my friend and I painted rocks with poster paints and sold them on my front steps to people coming home from church. We made a dollar and thought we were millionaires.

The Young CEO Squad Kids Business Start-Up Kit is better than that because while kids will make their first sales, the book that comes with it will teach them entrepreneurial concepts. The kit comes in a box that looks similar to a briefcase. The business kit is a combination online platform and product line. Creator Suzanne Appel says that she created it to empower kids ages 8-15 to start their own businesses.

The first kit available includes a set of 12 reusable silicone straws. Kids keep one straw so they can try out the product they are selling, and sell the other 1 straws at a profit.

What I like most about this gift is that the booklet includes great ideas about how business and sales work—everything from how to learn everything about your product, offer good customer service, and gain confidence.

Who knows—your kid might just become CEO of a fortune 500 company and will tell a story about how you got them the kit that started it all. If not, at least they’ll learn a lot and have fun in the process. \\

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